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For Sale

Ordering is easy! Start by browsing one of the different For Sale tabs.

  • Click into the art piece and take note of the art title (for future ordering)

  • Click the Order Now  button at the top of the page.

  • Fill out the form in all fields.  If notecards  are part of your order, please include quantities.  Then wait for me to reach out to confirm availability, order, address, and final payment.   

  • Note that for each category of items you want, you will fill out a separate form.  

  • Once items are sold, I will do my best to keep the site current.  

  • Be aware, prices only reflect the cost of the product.  Shipping/handling will be additional if out of state.  I will let you know the final cost once I have sent your purchase on its way. Methods of payment include mailed check, drop off cash/check, or Venmo payment. 

If you see something you like and I’m out of stock (especially notecards), I will be able to re-stock , so let me know your interest via the contact page.

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