Commissioned Pet Portraits

All portraits are acrylic on canvas frames unless otherwise requested.


PHOTO TIPS for Pet Portraits:
Although I will work with photos you already have, you may also want to consider taking some new digital photos with the portrait specifically in mind.

  • Use natural late afternoon lighting when possible. Avoid shooting midday. If you need to take pictures inside, get close to a window to allow for some natural light.

  • Turn off the flash and shoot the largest size possible.

  • Shoot close-up head shots from lots of angles at the subject’s eye level. Encourage your pet to also look at the camera as the eyes are the most important part of the portrait.

  • Try a variety of poses and take your time to ensure sharpness. 

  • When you share the photos, please point out WHICH is your desired image with 2-3 supplemental photos that assist me with coloring and eyes. 

Please contact me via the Order Now button at the top of this page and provide the information I need to paint your special pet.  Once sent, I will email you to pls send 1-3  photos of yourpet. 

Size options and prices (does not include shipping & handling):

  • 5x7/$60

  • 8x10/$100  

  • 8x10/$135 (for unique customization (i.e. school branding) that requires digital pre-production work) 

  • 9x12/$135

  • 11x14/$160

  • More than 2 dogs together, special pricing is required.

Thank you for allowing me to paint your (or a friend's) very special family members.