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Handpainted Pet Ornaments

Wonderful gifts whether it's for *Christmas or as bereavement memory gift.
Due to supply shortages, currently ALL ornaments are on clear 4.5" plexiglass discs.  Back is the pet's name, a heart and the year.  Pls specify if this is NOT what you would like. 


For these, it's best for me to work off of high resolution photos.  One should be your desired image and please try to make it a clear image of the wonderful furry pet!   *If for Christmas - be sure to tell me if you want any elements added - i.e. holiday color background, holly collar or santa hat.

Cost + S/H
Limited time before Christmas, please check in before sending photo of your pet.

  • PLEXIGLASS/$45 (excluding shipping)

  • SLATE/$45 (excluding shipping)

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